Wyoming is a place where the torch of liberty is still carried in the hearts of the people, a place where people are free to speak their minds, a place where hard work is respected and rewarded, a place people can raise their families as they see fit, a place where breathtaking landscapes and open roads abound, a place where we we can roam free.  

My name is Ocean Andrew. I moved to Wyoming seven years ago to seek a certain freedom that I believe can only be had in this state. In Wyoming you can feel freedom. We have a culture of self-responsibility and self-reliance. It does not matter if you are an accountant or coal miner, we all have a little bit of cowboy woven into our spirits. 

Wyoming has a culture worth preserving and I am here to fight for it. Every election we send people to Cheyenne whom we expect to represent us as responsible and hardworking people. Unfortunately, every legislative session is only used to further erode our liberties, claim more of what we worked hard for, and pass policies that do not represent who we are as Wyomingites.  

It's time to reclaim our liberties, introduce bills that expand freedom, and fight against the passing of those that don't.  

Small business

I am an entrepreneur.  I started a small business during college at University of Wyoming that has brought me to every corner of the state. I now have over 60 employees and have kept my headquarters and the majority of my high paying salaried jobs in Albany County. I know what it takes to bring jobs to Wyoming.  We need to keep the state from enacting laws that favor large corporations while extinguishing their small competitors owned by locals.  We need only a level playing field and polices that don't create extra barriers to entry. We can create opportunity for all Wyomingites.